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Unrivaled subwoofers for home theater

With a 90 pound driver and a 4,000 watt continuous amplifier, these large and powerful subwoofers produce prodigious amounts of visceral bass at levels beyond the capability of existing subwoofers. These subwoofers were developed with a focus on reproducing the deep bass present in today's movies, yet most people do not realize how much sound information they are missing; even surprising movies like Toy Story 2 and How to Train Your Dragon have high levels of very deep bass.

Exquisite subwoofer for music

One comment I often hear is how surprised people are that a subwoofer this big can be so fast and articulate with music. I explain that it is simple physics of having an incredibly powerful 80 pound magnet/motor moving a cone weighing only 1.5 pounds. With so much magnet force, when the sub is supposed to move, it moves, and when it is supposed to stop, it stops.