Deep Sea Sound was founded by David Gage.  As a kid, every time my dad and I visited a new big city, he would search out a high-end stereo store for us to listen to the latest, greatest speakers.  He never did replace his huge Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers that were in every home we lived in; he still has them today.  In high school I worked installing car stereos and building custom subwoofer enclosures. I would build quad 15" ported monsters that shook and vibrated the entire car and while the car's owner was ecstatic, I thought they sounded awful...I was more than content with my single tight and deep 10" sub.  Over the years, especially with a young family, I neglected my passion for audio and home theater but became reengaged several years ago.  After hearing the 24" subwoofer driver, I knew it was something special and needed to be in a commercial product.  After 9 years with Microsoft as a consultant, I wanted a new challenge, to reignite a long lost passion, so I started this company.  With the advent of 4K, the visual side of home theater is bright and beautiful, literally; with the introduction of the Mariana 24, the audio side of home theater will never be the same. :)