Our 18" and 24" Subwoofer Drivers Tested

May 16, 2015

Our 18" and 24" Subwoofer Drivers Tested

Josh Ricci, the industry's leading (and independent) subwoofer tester posted his test results of the Stereo Integrity 24" subwoofer, which is the subwoofer driver I use in my 24" commercial subwoofers. To say it did well is an understatement. I started this company around this 24" driver because I thought it was the best on the market and Josh's review did nothing but reinforce that thought.

Stereo Integrity HS-24 24" Subwoofer Driver Test

One thing to note is Josh does his testing in the middle of a field to remove the effect a room has on the subwoofer's output. Adding the room interaction would result in even better low-end output due to room reinforcement of the bass waves.

And Josh previously tested the 18" subwoofer driver I use.

Stereo Integrity HST-18 18" Subwoofer Driver Test